Thursday, January 8, 2009

wedding etiquette

A friend of mine is getting married on the weekend, and I have an etiquette question for everyone. Is it ok to bring along some snacks in a bag in case I can’t eat what they’re serving?

Normally, I would assume I should bring whatever I can eat, but I spoke with the bride (I’m friends with the groom) about my food issues and she assured me that there would be options for me. It’s buffet-style, and I’m worried all I’ll be able to have is salad! Even if there is chicken /potatoes/rice/veggies there is usually a spice mixture on those.. which often seem to have gluten hiding in the ingredients, I’ve found. And if they can’t confirm it’s gluten free, I’m not going to eat it.

I was planning on just bringing some snacks and eating them at the table while dinner was happening, but when I mentioned that to my friends last night, it was met with mixed reactions. The groomsmen all said bring whatever you want to eat, but some of their girlfriends thought that was rude and I should just pick around what I can’t eat.

That made me a little worried. Is it ok to bring my own snacks? The wedding starts at 2:30 and then we’re going straight to dinner/reception, and we’ll probably be there until well past midnight. I could hide my snacks, but I really don’t feel like I should have to.

So is it ok to bring along something to eat, and eat it while others are having dinner? I'm not talking about a big elaborate meal - maybe some hummas (for the veggtables I know the wedding will serve), a gf bar, and possibly a bun/roll/muffin.


jacobithegreat said...

This is what I did for a friend's wedding: Ask her for her caterer's number, and talk to them directly to confirm all your concerns.

When I found out the food wasn't going to be ok for me to eat, I checked with the bride and reception hall, and brought my own similar dish. They served pasta so I brough pasta. I stuck it in the fridge in the kitchen, then heated it up and ate it during dinner. No one even noticed.

Sounds like a lot of work, but you do what you gotta do.

Lauren said...

With the Buffet, make sure that you either get to go first, or that you have a separate meal just for you. Even if you can eat and are fine with the food, I'd definitely bring some snacks. I find that they are best if they're really high protein or just very filling. I get low blood sugar, so it's essential for me, but it can't hurt to have a little boost, especially if you'll be there for so long! =D

gfcanadian said...

thanks so much for the suggestions. I think I'll call the gallery tomorrow to speak with the caterers - that way I know what I can can't have.

I'll definately still be bringing my own snacks - I get really grumpy when I'm hungry! Plus, I'd like to eat something sweet after dinner (I know the cake will be out for me, but I'd still like a little something).