Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas traditions

Since this was my first GF Christmas, I was expecting my traditions to work a little differently. My family usually goes to my aunt’s house for brunch before we open presents over there.

Brunch is always an egg casserole type dish (with bread and veggies in it), fruits and yogurt (with granola) and ponnukokur, because we’re Icelandic. Ponnukokur is Icelandic, a delicious brunch/desert item, think a really thin crepe with brown sugar and a pinch of cinnamon all rolled up inside, served cold. It’s delicious, but I thought it was gone from my tradition for good.

My aunt, though, made me a special small egg dish (without bread or breadcrumbs), bought gf granola for the yogurt, and made gf ponnukokur for me. She just mixed potato starch and rice flour and used it in place of the regular stuff. It turned out pretty well, it just didn’t hold it’s shape. So I’m going to be experimenting with recipes until I get that one right.

I was amazed at the effort that everyone put in to make sure that I could eat well! I was also really excited to get a gf cookbook from my boyfriend, and one from my aunt. I’ll be trying recipes and posting results on here. Plus I’ll be taking pictures of what I make!


jacobithegreat said...

aww that's so nice of her to make things GF for you. I'm always touched when people do that.

Lauren said...

I love finding new ways to (re)create traditions, for me it was always cornbread on christmas morning =D.