Friday, January 9, 2009

McNally Robinson

mmm… just got back from dinner with my dad. We went to McNally Robinsons, a bookstore chain here in Winnipeg. They have a really nice café/restaurant, and they have gluten free choices marked right on the menu!

They have baked wings, chicken dishes, and all kinds of things. I had a pork fried ginger with rice, and it was really good. I also had some bbq wings as an appetizer.

It was really good, and then I had a GF cookie for desert. It was also really good, although a bit dry. I think I could have made something similar or better at home – but kudos to them for putting a gf cookie on the menu. My server was also really good – she informed the kitchen that I had celiac, and to make sure to switch gloves and utensils to handle my food.

I’ll definitely be going back there!

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