Monday, January 5, 2009

Chocolate Truffles

I tried my hand at baking today, using a recipe from Canadian Living that I adapted somewhat. Now that it’s Christmas everyone seems to be baking, and I didn’t want to be left out! Although I’ve done some gf baking, I decided to start off with an easy recipe that didn’t call for anything other than dark chocolate, whipping cream, butter and walnuts, and make..

Dark chocolate truffles!

I got this magazine from a girl at work, because she noticed that there was a section of gluten free deserts in it. I took a quick glance at the recipes, and everything looks good, but most called for gf flour mixes. I’m going to try to adapt those recipes with my own flour variations I think, mostly because it will be cheaper. Plus, this way I’ll really learn to cook gf!

Back to the truffles! The recipe called for 16 squares of premium dark chocolate (make sure its gf), but I didn’t have that. I did, however, have 8 of dark and a white chocolate bar from laura secord (a chocolate store, for lack of a better description. They assured me the white chocolate bar I bought was gf). So I decided to do dark chocolate truffles in a white chocolate shell.

I chopped the dark chocolate into small pieces, and put them in a double boiler. I added cream and butter, and mixed until it was well melted and mixed together (the original recipe suggested microwaving on medium for a minute and a half, then taking out and stirring, microwaving for 10 seconds, stirring, etc. until it was done. However, my microwave seems to have 2 settings, just making a loud noise, and burning. So I decided to do it the old fashioned way).

Once the chocolate is melted and mixed, cover and put in the fridge for about an hour, or until firm. I waited a little longer, probably an hour and fifteen minutes, and it worked fine.

Roll the chocolate into 24 balls, and place on a wax-paper covered tray. I used a tablespoon to get portions of chocolate, and it worked really well. Chop and melt the white chocolate using a double-boiler (or the microwave), and then use a fork (or tongs) to dip each chocolate ball into the white chocolate.

Put the completed chocolate onto the tray, and put back in the fridge. Or else, roll it into something like crushed candy canes, nuts, or drizzle chocolate along the top.

It should only take about half an hour to firm up in the fridge. Then you can enjoy!

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Lauren said...

Mmm, those look amazing! Canadian Living always has so many great ideas (and often very flexible ones!)