Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gluten Free Beer

I’ll admit, I haven’t tried any gf beer. I was diagnosed less than a year ago, and I haven’t missed beer that much. It the summer, it was a bit harder. I occasionally would have liked to sit down with one at a bonfire or have one while out camping.

I used to be a huge beer drinker, but then I started bloating with beer. So I stopped drinking it (for the most part), because who wants to have their stomach puff out when they’re out partying? Not me! But I still enjoyed the occasional beer after a sporting event or while playing hockey.

I haven’t been able to bring myself to try one of the gf beers. They’re hard to find, and expensive when I do find them. Plus, I’ve heard mixed reviews about them. I’m not interested in spending $5 a beer (from the liquor store) to find out the taste is horrible.
But yesterday, there was an article in the paper about a new gf beer, called Frio! Frio!,is a barley-free light beer that’s brewed where I live, out of a brewing company called Fort Garry Brewing.

According to the creator, it’s a light, summer beer. Perfect. I never did like those dark beers anyways! And, I can get this beer at Mona Lisa restaurant, an Italian place that serves GF Pizza and Pasta.

I’m going to try and find some GF beer at a store first so I can try it, and then I’ll write a review. Otherwise, I’m supposed to be heading to Mona Lisa on the weekend, so I can try it then.
Here’s hoping that it tastes good!


Stacey said...

I haven't heard of Frio before. Is it sold in the US? I'm anxious to see your review. Beer is one of the things my brother-in-law has a hard time giving up. We have found a couple he enjoys but it is difficult when they aren't as easily accessible.

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