Thursday, January 1, 2009

mmm... soup

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, I know that I did! Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, I got really busy with family stuff, plus I got sick with a nasty flu and then strep throat.

This was my first strep throat being gf, and it left a lot to be desired! Thank goodness for my family, because otherwise, I would have been miserable! My previous go-to comfort foods for strep all include some kind of soup, which is now off-limits.

I’ve been meaning to make soup for ages, but I really haven’t had time (ok, I have had time, but I haven’t felt like it). I had made a whole chicken earlier in the fall, and boiled the bones and extra meat bits in a pot on the stove with lots of water, some onions, carrots, and salt and pepper. After boiling all that on the stove for about 5 hours, I strained it, then poured it into ziplock bags (2 cups per bag) and tossed them into the freezer. Since then, I’ve been using the broth in stir-fry, casserole-type dishes, and whenever I need chicken broth. But I hadn’t made it into soup.

So my wonderful brother, after hearing me complain bitterly about my sore throat and the fact that I couldn’t eat, made me some soup. He took 4 cups of broth, added in another 2 cups of water, and started boiling it. Then he cut carrots up into small pieces, and tossed those in (about a cup probably). Onions and celery, and a cup of rice went in as well. I think he added in a dash of tobacco sauce (which he claimed would make me feel better), plus some sautéed garlic (it actually should make you feel better!), some thyme and just boiled it altogether until everything got soft and delicious.

It was really good! If you aren’t sick, you wouldn’t need to add the extra water (like I did) to boil it down. It also looked really easy (from my position on the couch). It lasted me a few meals, and it did help soothe my throat. You could toss in rice noodles instead of rice if you wanted, and add chicken (or turkey).

I will write down exact measurements next time, and take a picture.

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Lauren said...

Sorry about your sore throat. I hate those =(. Anyways, the soup sounds wonderful!