Monday, January 26, 2009

Starbucks Gluten Free?

I love having a latté at Starbucks (when I’m feeling especially rich and I can afford a $4 coffee). But I do wish that there was a GF food option. Although I’m becoming less and less of a fan of prepackaged foods, sometimes you just need the convenience.

That’s why I was thrilled to hear Starbucks is considering a line of GF food. They’re looking for suggestions/help from the GF community, so if you haven’t seen this, or haven’t logged on to answer the questions, please do! The more responses that they get, the more likely they are to actually bring GF food into the stores.

The questions they want answered are:
• What specific gluten-free products would you like to see in our stores?

• Would you prefer to see it individually packaged or unpackaged?

• How would you like to learn we have gluten-free products? For example, would you like to see it on a sign or would you prefer the barista tell you?

• Where would you like to see gluten-free products in the store; in the pastry case or placed elsewhere?

• The ingredient costs of gluten-free products tend to be higher, so would you understand if we charged more for the gluten-free version?

So please, visit here and let them know.

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